Monday, August 07, 2006

Pastor John Returns

Our pastor, John Piper, has returned from his five-month sabbatical. And it seems he was quite busy:
    I was able to finish writing the main body of two books. One is called What Jesus Demands from the World, which will be published by Crossway Books in late September (Lord willing). It is a 365-page book on the commands of Jesus, in an attempt to obey Matthew 28:19, "Teach them to observe everything I commanded you." Not just to know everything, but to observe (obey!) everything. How do you handle the Gospels in such a way that the teaching results in obedience? That was my goal. The other book is a response to N. T. Wright on the doctrine of justification. I have no immediate plan to publish it until I get the feedback from critical readers. My motivation in writing it is that I think his understanding of Paul is wrong and his view of justification is harmful to the church and to the human soul. Few things are more precious than the truth of justification by faith alone because of Christ alone. As a shepherd of a flock of God’s blood-bought church, I feel responsible to lead the sheep to life-giving pastures. That is not what the sheep find in Wright's view of Paul on justification. He is an eloquent and influential writer and is, I believe, misleading many people on the doctrine of justification. I will keep you posted on what becomes of this manuscript.
Definitely something to look forward to. You can read his entire report here.

For more on the doctrine of justification, check out Phil Johnson's excellent series on 2 Corinthians 5:21 over at PyroManiacs.


Anonymous said...

You goto John Piper's church? Consider yourself blessed.

Lee Shelton said...

We do. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Oh man - I had to pop over and see the blog of the individual who knew the name of the former Director of the CIA!! (On Purgatorio's blog) That's awesome. I was pretty sure I was the only weird one who knew stuff like that.

Then I see you are refering to John Piper as your pastor, and as it so happens, he's my pastor too! :)

Anyway, I've gotta jet but I just wanted to stop by and say!

Lee Shelton said...

Thanks for you comments. My wife and I attend North Campus and sing on the worship team there.

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