Friday, June 29, 2007

This Week in Calvinism - June 29, 2007

  • Morris H. Chapman's message to Calvinist dissenters in the SBC: "Some of us believe in a compassionate, harmonious, synergistic approach to the topic of salvation, while you prideful, ignorant, intolerant trouble-makers keep harping on God's sovereignty -- like it's a big issue or something. Can't we all just get along?"

    (Okay, so I'm paraphrasing just a bit.)

  • This "Christian Hedonism" thing really rubs some people the wrong way. I happen to believe that God really is most glorified in the elect when the elect are most satisfied in him.

  • Kerry Gilliard, a.k.a. "BlackCalvinist," has some great book recommendations.

  • Many Southern Baptists have been a bit schizophrenic when it comes to the Calvinism-Arminianism debate, but it is Roy Ingle's prayer "that the SBC will continue to move toward Arminianism."

    Ingle would also like to point out that Arminians really do believe in the sovereignty of God. They "do not believe that man co-operates with God to be saved but that man must surrender to the grace of God to be saved." So, God can only exercise his sovereignty over salvation if and when man decides to surrender? And yet he remains "in complete control of all things"? That's a strange definition of sovereignty.

  • John Wesley the CALVINIST???

  • "Where'd all these Calvinists come from?" According to Mark Dever, they're coming from the only source "which endured throughout the 20th century in a consistent way -- the writings of C H Spurgeon."

  • This "nontheist" wants to warn us of the dangers of "cryptocalvinism."
  • Monday, June 25, 2007

    Paedo vs. Credo: It's On!

    On August 19, in Murietta, California, Paul Manata and Gene Cook Jr. will duke it out over the issue of infant baptism. You can listen to the official debate promo here.

    Friday, June 22, 2007

    This Week in Calvinism - June 22, 2007

  • Timmy Brister has revised and expanded his "Compilation of the Controversy over Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention."

  • Jerry Johnson presents the SBC Debates on the gift of tongues and Calvinist theology.

  • Garrison Keillor gets in another dig against Calvinism -- even though he still has no idea what it is.

  • Feminist philosopher Aspazia blames "damn Calvinism" and its "glorification of withstanding pain" for preventing chronic pain sufferers for getting the relief they need.

  • I failed to mention this last week, so I'll mention it now: My brother in Christ Craver now calls himself a Calvinist. His confession generated some interesting discussion on his blog.

  • The Thirsty Theologian talks about a few of the "many common misconceptions about Calvinism." He also provides links to MP3 and PDF versions of Dr. Curt Daniel's book The History and Theology of Calvinism.

  • Who founded America? Dr. D. James Kennedy gives much of the credit to "a humble reformer from Geneva, Switzerland."
  • Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Friday, June 15, 2007

    This Week in Calvinism - June 15, 2007

  • It's still two years away, but how will you be celebrating John Calvin's 500th Birthday? For a few ideas, check out

  • Gene Bridges discusses the "Florida Baptist Inquisition."

  • Nathan White on the Florida flap over Calvinism.

  • Gene Cook Jr. in a debate on the existence of hell.

  • Cathi-Lyn doesn't have a lot of nice things to say about Zwingli, Luther, Calvin, or Augustine -- hey, even I have yet to meet a theologian with whom I am in 100% agreement -- but she does appreciate my sense of humour. (That's "humor" for my "overwhelmingly American" readers.)

  • Robb Lawson has deleted his previous posts criticizing Calvinism, but still rejects it as a man-made theological system and a false doctrine.

  • Still on the fence about Calvinism? Perhaps these 10 reasons will help you choose a side. I'm just not sure which one.
  • Thursday, June 14, 2007

    A Brief Thought on Matthew 5:44

    In Matthew 5:44, Jesus said, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." That has always been a tough verse for me. It just isn't natural to pray for those who lie, cheat, steal, murder and seek to do harm to the Body of Christ. But Christ himself commanded us to do just that.

    Therefore, I believe we can and should love our enemies. That is why we should pray continually for our leaders in Washington.

    Friday, June 08, 2007

    This Week in Calvinism - June 8, 2007

  • Steve Costley thinks he can prove that John Calvin did not teach limited atonement -- at least not the kind advocated by most modern Calvinists.

  • Calvinists vs. Arminians: Who's really trying to limit the atonement? I guess it all depends on what you mean by "limit."

  • David Hewitt shares his thoughts on what Dr. Morris Chapman had to say about the "resurgence of Calvinism" in the SBC.

  • According to Jeff, Calvinism "leads to irresponsibility and sin." He uses the "not quite sin" of beer-drinking as an example: "All denominations that flaunt beer drinking are hyper-Calvinist denominations. It allows an excuse to mess with sin because it's all God's fault anyway." Sounds like someone could use a tall, cold one.

  • Which is more loving? Calvinism or Arminianism? After reading through this analysis, the answer should be clear.

  • Dave Hunt's flawed theology has claimed another victim.

  • Anti-Calvinist Frank Page will be nominated for the customary second term as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Friday, June 01, 2007

    This Week in Calvinism - June 1, 2007

  • Meet a "one-point Calvinist."

  • In this discussion of free will, we learn that being free to choose is not the same as being able to choose.

  • Pastor Paul T. McCain doesn't like the cold, distant, and remote God of Calvinism. Instead, he embraces the warmth and compassion of Lutheranism. Maybe someone should remind Pastor McCain that Luther himself was a staunch Calvinist.

  • Rodney Beason explains (without any detail) his conversion from Calvinism to Catholicism. Hey, if the Catholic Church was good enough for the Apostle Peter...

  • Free audio downloads from the New Attitude 2007 conference, featuring speakers like C. J. Mahaney, Mark Dever, and John Piper, are now available.

  • Timmy Brister has put together "A Compilation of the Controversy over Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention."

  • Kerry Gilliard, a.k.a. "BlackCalvinist," presents another episode of "Calvinism on the Couch."

  • Jamey Bennett is a "Post-Calvinist."
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