Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Promise-Driven Life

Michael S. Horton has written an excellent article on a vital subject:
    [W]e are "wired" for law: tell me what to do and I'll get it done. That is not just the American spirit, but it is human nature. God's law is inborn, in our conscience, part of our moral makeup. The average person on the street will tell you that the role of churches and other religious institutions is to provide moral instruction—practical suggestions for successful living for the spirit, just as Suze Orman and Jake are there to help us out with our banking and bodies. ...

    ... Even as Christians, the law (in its third use) can direct us, but it cannot drive us, except to either despair or self-righteousness. Christians are not purpose-driven, but promise-driven. Purposes are all about law. ...

    ... We have a lot of purposes, a lot of goals—some of them noble. Desperate to save ourselves and our kids from everything but the wrath of God, we fail to realize that, however watered down, these are all nothing but law rather than promise. Eventually, we will become burned out on good advice. What we need is good news.
Unfortunately, the message of men like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen seems to have broader appeal. It's less offensive, and people readily respond to things that are more tangible.

O ye of little faith...

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