Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Dave and BeckyLynn Black have returned from Ethiopia. From his blog:
    Wednesday, January 18

    9:17 AM
    We're back. Plopped into bed this morning at 1:00 am after a 34 hour journey. The Lord put us to sleep with the patter of rain on our roof. We're weary but happy. Had a wonderful trip in every way. The Lord did "above and beyond," as usual. You will simply not believe what we witnessed and experienced. As soon as we unpack and get caught up on emails I'll begin my reports. You can expect lots of pictures.

    We felt your prayers each and every day. Thank you.
Welcome home!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much, Lee, for your gracious words of welcome. We are glad to be back home and to get caught up on all the great websites out there, yours included. Your dedication to our nation's biblical and constitutional foundations is truly inspiring. Thank you, and may the Lord God richly bless you and yours. Dave and Becky Black.

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