Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Humor Break

Reported by Marc over at Purgatorio:
    Inflammatory Cartoon Draws Intense Reaction from Reformed Baptists

    A cartoon depicting Puritan author and allegorist John Bunyan as a thelogical terrorist has brought bitter and acrimonious responses from Reformed Baptists around the globe. The image, originally published in the Presbyterian denominational magazine Paedo, has been circulated widely and has been decried by religious leaders of all faiths as abhorrent. ...
It's a good thing Christianity is a "religion of peace." No riots, just a lot of Baptists "not smiling more than usual."

1 comment:

Dave said...

My favorite part is the line that "We will not take this lying down." In the picture they are all just sitting in pews.:)

This reformed baptist thinks the article is hilarious. I might have to post this 'slanderous' picture about one of my baptist's fathers around. Go Bunyan!

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