Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why Many Atheists Are Scared of Ron Paul

Andrew Sullivan received an e-mail from a reader who was concerned about Ron Paul's skepticism of evolution. While this reader admits that he does admire Paul, as an atheist he finds it "absolutely mind-boggling that so many people in the United States, in this day and age, can still deny that evolution is real."

Here is the video in question:
Shocking, isn't it? I can see why atheists would be scurrying for the hills.

Please. Atheists have nothing to fear from Ron Paul. In fact, he is perhaps the best friend atheists have in politics. He is a Christian who actually believes in the Romans 13 command to submit to governing authority -- in this case, the Constitution of the United States. And that means he would not use government to impose his religious beliefs on the masses. In other words, he wouldn't push the teaching of creationism in public schools because he views a federally controlled, taxpayer-funded education system as unconstitutional in the first place.

But then that's the real problem atheists have with Paul, isn't it? Atheists have relied on a federally controlled, taxpayer-funded education system to force their agenda and beliefs down the throats of American children for decades. Perhaps they are afraid someone will finally neutralize the most effective weapon of proselytization in their arsenal.


Anonymous said...

Justin says...

I would have thought atheists loved Ron Paul, considering his anti-big government beliefs, which would mean that Paul would attempt to stop Christians from taking over in politics.

Alas, most people, atheists included, don't realize what the Constitution is for: to limit what the government, not the people, can do. That is why it is absurd to say, "Hey Christians, you can't force your views on us! First Amendment!" That only works if we a) work for the government and b) are evangelizing in the name of the government.

Anyway, go Ron Paul!

PS, Lee, have you heard of Downsize DC? If not, give them a look.

Anonymous said...

Oh my... stated so well!

Syclone0044 said...

Three of my colleagues along with myself, are atheists in strong support of Ron Paul. We DO love his anti-big government beliefs, and we realize what the Constitution is for. (To limit the size of government). Long live Ron Paul!!!

Anonymous said...

I am an Atheist and a Ron Paul supporter. Ron Paul may be a Christian, but so is everyone else on the stage. As a Libertarian-leaning Republican, his religious views don't affect his positions as a politician. He is a great man and I believe that he is best suited to be our next president of the United States.

Most atheists are in fact Ron Paul supporters. If you look at the statistics, he gets the highest percentage of the non-religious vote. In Nevada, where he came in second, he got 49% of all non-religious voters, more than any other candidate. Ron Paul owes most of his support to the less religious Americans.

Sean said...

Atheist libertarians are going to vote for Ron Paul because they are libertarians first and atheists second. Atheist liberals on the other hand will continue to vote for democrats and feel good when they get elected even though nothing actually changes, and call Ron Paul an authoritarian homophope because he agrees with the states right part of DOMA and doesn't think establishment clause means that any government facility on all levels of government can't have religious displays or decorations even though the country is comprised largely of people with religious backgrounds.

I would bring back prayer in school if it meant stopping the bloodshed overseas and getting rid of the federal reserve. There are a lot more important things going on in the world than my lack of belief and distaste for religion.

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