Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Christian Students Want a Warmongering President

That's the impression I got when I attended my precinct caucus last night.

Caucuses all over the state of Minnesota reported record turn-outs, and ours was no exception. The first thing I noticed upon arriving was the large number of young voters. A great many of them were from my alma mater, Northwestern College, in St. Paul.

One of these enthusiastic students was called up onto the stage during the general assembly. "Why are you here?" the woman holding the microphone asked. "To vote for Mitt Romney," the young man stated. Loud cheers erupted from his fellow students.

Although it wasn't very evident last night, Mike "I Won't Engage in Negative Campaigning, but if I Did, This is What I Would Say" Huckabee also seems to be popular with Christian students. Huckabee, as you may recall, preached at John "The Heretic" Hagee's church back in December. Most recently, it was Janet Huckabee on the campaign trail, addressing the Northwestern student body during a chapel service last week to promote her husband's candidacy.

One would think that a truly consistent, conservative Christian like Ron Paul would be a favorite among students at a school that is supposedly dedicated to the faithful teaching and study of scripture, yet he is virtually ignored. "Sure, Ron Paul is the only candidate who actually follows the Romans 13 command to submit to the governing authority of the land, i.e. the Constitution, but we're evangelical dispensationalists. We don't care if our president is a hypocritical pastor or a devout member of the largest cult in America, just as long as he gives us the war we need to usher in the end times prophecies foretold by Tim LaHaye in his Left Behind books."

OK, I know, that's a bit over the top. Unfortunately, I can't think of a better explanation at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

You might appreciate the book I'm currently reading. It's by one of the members of the Barna Group organization, and is called unChristian. I think the author has overlooked some obvious conclusions, but the research yields some fascinating insights about young Americans. (I say this as a 27yo American. ;) )

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