Friday, April 25, 2008

This Week in Calvinistm - April 25, 2008

  • Calvinists have the Shepherd's Conference, the Desiring God Conference for Pastors, and Together for the Gospel. Arminians, not wanting to feel left out, are announcing the John 3:16 Conference which hopes "to be a biblical and theological assessment of and response to 5-point Calvinism."

  • Steve Gaines revives the caricatures of Calvinism.

  • Jonathan Perreault concludes, "A key element to this Calvinistic doctrine of Total Inability is the teaching that regeneration by the Holy Spirit must precede personal faith." Well, yes. It's only logical.

  • Rhett believes that "true Calvinism represents a God who is not the Christian God." He would much rather follow a God who isn't in complete control. And he thinks Calvinism is fatalistic?

    Anonymous said...

    For the record, the Rhett in the article above is not ME! LOL!

    Lee Shelton said...

    Duly noted, Rhett. :)

    Kyle said...

    It's interesting how you repeatedly equate sovereignty with deterministic control. Cannot you allow God to be in control even while allowing human freedom under that umbrella of sovereignty? Is God not powerful enough for that, or does He have to resort to causally determinally all things to remain in control?

    God can be in control without determining all things, and He is.

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