Friday, March 12, 2010

This Week in Calvinism - March 12, 2010

  • Bobby Grow considers himself a "progressive dispensationalist," but he can still appreciate the amillennial approach.

  • On this the Seeking Disciple and I agree: "We can debate Arminianism and Calvinism but in the end, the glory of God demands that we worship, exalt, and declare His glory alone above all others."

  • A Unitarian Universalist (i.e. non-Christian) claims, "For better or for worse, Unitarian Universalism wouldn't exist without John Calvin."

  • Breaking news from TBNN: North Korea declares war on Calvinism.

  • The 75 Best Dressed Men of All Time, according to MSN, has John Calvin listed at number 52: "Because the most famous minimalist in world history knew a man didn't need expensive clothes or bright colors to convey authority. Black and white, worn with the requisite gravity, can be powerful and intimidating. Just look at the Secret Service. Or the Reservoir Dogs."

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The Seeking Disciple said...

Thanks for the plug Lee. Have a great weekend and Lord's day! Rejoice for He lives!

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