Thursday, February 03, 2011

Calvin the Impaler

You would think that a couple of educated gentlemen might actually do a little research before lashing out against Calvinists. In a short ebook entitled Calvinism!: A Strange Doctrine Among The Brethren, Dr. Saneesh Cherian and Dr. Johnson C. Philip manage to condemn Calvinism without quoting a single Bible verse or citing a single source to back up their accusations. In essence, the authors have slapped together a venomous diatribe that paints John Calvin and his followers as bloodthirsty maniacs.

Consider these excerpts:

  • "Anyone who opposed [Calvin's] stand on infant baptism was fined, punished, or tortured."

  • "[Calvin] emphasized that the bread and cup were not symbols, and anyone who dared to suggest that these were only symbolic of the flesh and blood of Christ stood the danger of getting fined, punished, or tortured."

  • "Since man had no freedom, God was the author of every sin committed by mankind, but mankind was responsible for undergoing the punishment for it. Humans were not supposed to question this arbitrariness of God. Anyone who dared to question this stood the danger of getting fined, punished, or tortured."

  • "[Calvin] believed that other than him nobody had freedom to think about Bible, doctrine, and theology. He also believed that it was his moral duty and obligation to punish, torture, and kill anyone and everyone who opposed his theology and even his whims and fancies."

  • If you think you can stomach it, you can read all nine pages of this nonsense here.


    Anonymous said...

    That was almost like satire!

    Anonymous said...

    My heart is heavy when I see others fighting the clarity, the pure spiritual insight that is found in Reformed Theology which I believe to be biblical theology. I was Arminian for more than three decades before the marvelous change occured in my perspective. Oh my goodness, the Lord really is LORD. Believing this truth is the definition of liberation.

    Bill T. -- St. Louis, MO

    Mike Erich the Mad Theologian said...

    I always find it interesting that instead of dealing with the issues involved so many prefer to smear John Calvin. I have always heard an ad hominem argument was the last resort of someone who does not have a case.

    Lee Shelton said...

    My first suspicion was that they ran into a handful of hyper-Calvinists, got irritated, and lashed out against Calvinism in general. However, their level of education suggests they must know what real Calvinism is. I believe they just hate Calvinism so much that they deliberately resorted to ad hominem attacks in an effort to persuade the less-informed.

    Unknown said...

    And where, pray tell, did these "brilliant" theologians receive their doctoral degrees?

    This is the same old "I hate John Calvin" irrational nonsense from individuals who refuse to even read him, let alone other Calvinist theologians. I notice in the comments on the site one of the authors says this: "All confessions might say that God is not the author of sin. We are not talking of confessions. We are talking of what Calvinists are teaching today in their books. Most of them clearly say that God is the author of sin."

    Eh? I would like to know what Calvinist author has EVER said God is the author of sin.

    This is what happens when you get letters behind your name that don't belong there.

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