Friday, July 01, 2011

This Week in Calvinism - July 1, 2011

  • Is this where neo-Calvinism leads?

  • All Christians should be engaged in the cause of world missions.

  • Tim Challies reviews Trevin Wax's book Counterfeit Gospels: Discovering the Good News in a World of False Hope.

  • Tim Challies on what we did well during that whole Rob Bell fiasco.

  • Arminius's doctrine of grace.

  • Can there be union between those who believe in the deity of Christ and those who deny it? No.


Alfred Zeigler said...

What is the fiasco that Rob Bell? That a megachurch preacher in Grand Rapids pushes Universalism? Or that a bunch of people dared to criticize him for it?

Explain that word "fiasco," but it looks like a sucker punch to me.

Lee Shelton said...

It was tongue-in-cheek. Bell's supporters saw it as a fiasco. There was no shortage of critics, yet his book was a bestseller. They see that as a failure on our part.

markshriv said...


Josh Litton said...

If nothing else, Bell certainly knows how to get a book sold.

markshriv said...

Dear Concerned Christian,

James Macdonald leads a denomination of 69 churches. It is called the Harvest Bible Fellowship. Each church in this denomination operates with the same template. They are all called "churches of life groups." (If you aren't in a life group, then they don't want you in one of their churches.) What is a "life group"? The life groups are all facilitator-led groups. They exist for the purpose of group mind control. Harvest Bible Fellowship is a highly sophisticated mind control operation under a Christian covering.

Who is the director of operations of Harvest Bible Fellowship? Bill Molinari, who also sits on the board of John Macarthur's GTY and Macarthur's international ministry, TMAI. Who else supports this abomination? John Macarthur's TMS advertizes this "church" to their grads and promotes their Harvest Training School to their grads. Several TMS grads are now leading these "churches of life groups" as other TMS grads are enrolled in the Harvest School obligated to plant more of these churches in the future. (When I contacted R Mayhue, the director of TMS, to ask why he advertizes this "church" and its training school to his seminary grads I received no reply.)

John Macarthur considers James Macdonald to be a "close friend" and he fully supports Macdonald's Harvest Fellowship as he annually attends Macdonald's "Straight Up" conferences. "Christians" leading these "Churches of Life Groups" aren't following God's Word; they are actually following the Jewish Kabbalah.

Chief Dregs of Society

Fun Fact: John Macarthur's mentor at Talbot Theological Seminary was an orthodox Jewish Rabbi who often quoted from the Jewish Talmud in his writings. Macarthur has stated that the sole reason he attended this seminary was to be mentored by this rabbi.

Anonymous said...

MARKSHRIV: you are out of your mind about this, HBC preaches the BIBLE! Stop making up stuff, YOU are a pagan and a fraud. Ive been going there for 3 months and they certainly welcome and love everybody in the church. They asks NOTHING of you. Satan is your mind control.

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