Friday, December 02, 2011

This Week in Calvinism - December 2, 2011

  • Are you recovering from Calvinism? There's help.

  • A list of readings on the subject of divine sovereignty and human responsibility.

  • Brenda Nickel warns of Rick Warren's move toward that "powerful deception" known as Calvinism.

  • England was engulfed in civil war in the 1600s. Was the rise of Puritanism to blame, or could it have been the Arminian plot to overthrow Calvinism?

  • Is Luke 10:13 more problematic for Calvinists or Molinists? Seeing as how God ordains the end and the means, I don't know of any Calvinists who have a problem with it, so I guess it would have to be Molinists.

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