Friday, April 20, 2012

This Week in Calvinism - April 20, 2012

  • Kevin DeYoung, senior pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan, thinks that what the Calvinist resurgence needs to show more of "is an earnest commitment to global missions."

  • Is Calvinism anti-missionary? Absolutely not, but more can be done. "At very least," writes Kenneth Stewart, "this is no time for evangelical Calvinists to be resting on the bare historical record of how our convictions have, in past, promoted missionary sacrifice; we must demonstrate that these same principles are operative now."

  • Contemporary environmentalism's greatest religious debt is owed to...Calvinism?

  • Anti-Calvinist crusader Kerrigan Skelly isn't interested in discussing his so-called "refutation" of Calvinism. I asked a couple of questions and was banned from posting anything further on his YouTube page.

  • How people see Calvinists.

  • Would Arminian Martin Glynn ever worship a Calvinist God? Yes, but he wouldn't like it.

  • Books Tim Challies didn't review.

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