Saturday, July 14, 2012

Church-Hopping on the Rise

I'd like to think that the rise in church-hopping is due to people trying to find a Bible-based, gospel-preaching church, but somehow I doubt it:
Nondenominational congregations have continued to grow in recent decades, with close to 12.2 million adherents in the United States, ranking as the third-largest religious body, according to the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. In Minnesota, nondenominational congregations are the fourth-largest religious body with 130,263 adherents.

[Scott] Thumma, the Hartford scholar, points to their growth as evidence of people's increased interest in not belonging to just one congregation.

"I think that whole consumer and individualistic impulse in our society has also lapsed over into our religious life," he said. "Our spiritual needs getting met means that I treat every religious community not as my traditional family ascribed to a religious identity but something that, 'Does it meet my needs? Does it have services when I need them? Does it have the kinds of Sunday school life I need to have?'"

"Denominational identities still exist and people still think of the differences. But in fact ... that is breaking down, the power of that identity to shape the person."

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Anonymous said...

"a change of habit - used to go bar-hopping -

you started church shopping, did ya?..."

-steve taylor ("steeplechase" in 1983)

posted by charles

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