Friday, September 21, 2012

This Week in Calvinism - September 21, 2012

  • Robert Arakaki offers a critique of Calvinism from an Eastern Orthodox perspective. He thinks Calvinism presents a "zero-sum theology." In other words, "for any human to possess the capacity to freely love and have faith steals glory from God." That's an interesting take, but I think it has less to do with stealing glory from God than it does with the fact that scripture teaches man lacks the ability to "freely love and have faith" (Psalm 14:3, Psalm 143:2, Isaiah 53:6, Jeremiah 17:9, John 3:20, Romans 3:10, Romans 7:18, Romans 11:32, etc.).

  • Paul Copan lists his top books on Arminianism and Molinism.

  • SBC president Fred Luter Jr. has a message for Southern Baptists: "This debate we're having across the convention about Calvinism needs to be resolved among us ASAP. Brothers and sisters, the dream of turning this convention's heart to missions and evangelism, missions and discipleship can easily turn into a nightmare if we do not resolve this Calvinism issue in a Christ-like manner. However, if it's going to be resolved, it must start with many of us right here in this room."

  • Dan Phillips has a question for you about evangelistic tracts: "What tracts have you found useful?"

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wakawakwaka said...

uh no... its obvious your god makes it so that people are too "depraved" to believe in him so that they cannot steal glory by believing in him due to their own freewill.

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