Friday, May 17, 2013

This Week in Calvinism - May 17, 2013

  • Another Protestant crosses the Tiber. Lucas Westman begins a series of posts describing his journey from Pentecostalism to Reformed theology to Catholicism.

  • Paul Dohse makes less and less sense every time I check out his blog: "Calvinist's (sic) don't often know their right hand from their left hand because Reformed theology communicates from an entirely different metaphysical construct than the norm." Give me a good ol' anti-Calvinist rant from Roger "The God of Calvinism Is a Moral Monster" Olson any day.

  • Looking for a list of straw man arguments to refute Calvinism? Here's a list of 22 of them for a start.

  • Steve Hays of Triablogue begins a running commentary on a lecture given by Jerry Walls at Houston Baptist University entitled "What's Wrong with Calvinism?"

  • Calvinists and classical Arminians agree on imputed sin and total inability.

  • Dr. Kevin McFadden discusses how Southern Baptists should approach theological disagreements.

  • Here is a recap of recent John Piper messages from around the country.

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