Friday, August 02, 2013

This Week in Calvinism - August 2, 2013

  • Paul Dohse offers six nonsensical reasons why he thinks New Calvinism is appealing.

  • Anyone who thinks the Calvinism excuse for not doing missions is "If God's going to convert the heathen, he doesn't need us to do it" doesn't understand Calvinism.

  • Tim Challies interviews Paul Washer (part 1, part 2).

  • How do I know I'm saved? John Piper answers.


THEOparadox said...

I read "Paul's Passing Thoughts" and was convinced by his lucid argumentation. I have now decided to become an agnostic postmodern nihilist relativist existentialist Marxist. Goodbye Calvinism!

[/tongue in cheek]

THEOparadox said...

I read the Paul Washer interview and have become a Calvinist again.

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