Friday, September 20, 2013

This Week in Calvinism - September 20, 2013

  • Bruce Bauer thinks he has the perfect analogy to describe Calvinism:
    In many ways, Calvinism is very much like a rigged carnival game. For the Calvinist, some are prechosen to win and others are prechosen to lose. The individual has no say in his own destiny, no opportunity to trust in Christ alone by grace alone through faith alone for salvation...
    I'm surprised he didn't relegate us to the Freak Show tent.

  • Bruce Gerencser, an atheist who claims to have once been a Christian, recently had a Twitter discussion with a Calvinist. Yeah, it went pretty much how you'd expect.

  • Roger Olson is concerned about Calvinists popping up in unexpected and inappropriate places, namely, denominations that are historically antithetical to Calvinism. To those Reformed troublemakers he would like to say, "Come out from among them and be separate!"

  • I have not yet watched this conversation on Calvinism between Dr. Matthew McKellar and Dr. Malcolm Yarnell. If it helps, Peter Lumpkins found it "truly edifying".


THEOparadox said...

The Calvinism discussion actually was "truly edifying." Dr. McKellar was not super robust in his presentation of the Doctrines of Grace (though he was accurate), and Dr. Yarnell at some points sounded like a closet Calvinist (though he clearly denied specific points at other times). They are colleagues on staff at the same seminary, and obviously have great respect for one another. So this discussion was not going to turn into an all out battle. There were some great points made and many powerful statements of loving agreement in Christ. Overall, a good discussion. Thanks for sharing!

Lee Shelton said...

Thanks. I'll plan on watching it. I trust your opinion more than that of Mr. Lumpkins.

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