Friday, December 13, 2013

This Week in Calvinism - December 13, 2013

  • Frank Schaeffer sees Nelson Mandela as the destroyer of Calvinism.

  • And Brian Walsh thanks Mandela for helping to remove "a deeply devastating moment of shame in the history of Calvinist Christianity."

  • William Birch warns against "self-obsessed" Calvinists. Hmmm. Why is it Arminians seem more obsessed with Calvinism than most Calvinists?

  • Mr. Birch had previously warned against "cage-stage Calvinists," those recent converts to Calvinism who "become nasty individuals hell-bent on converting every believer of his or her newly-adopted heterodoxy." In the comments section Mr. Birch asked, "Where are the cage-stage Arminians, cage-stage progressives, cage-stage Baptists, Lutherans, atheists, etc.? No one ever discusses such a thing because generally no such thing exists." He may be right. There are no cage-stage Arminians because they are too busy running blogs that devote a great deal of space to ranting against Calvinism.

  • Finally! A pastor brave enough to expose the errors of Calvinism! I wonder: Where are all the "cage-stage Calvinist" pastors devoting entire sermon series to exposing the errors of Arminianism?

  • Former Calvinist Ronnie Rogers, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, OK, reminds us that "the gospel according to Scripture is a better gospel than the gospel according to Calvinism."

  • Kevin DeYoung sums up what he thinks about the New Calvinism in one word: gratitude.


Mike Leake said...

I posted a sort of response to that Rogers piece that you might interested in:

lee n. field said...

Ahhh. Frank Schaeffer. That explains it. I misread that as Francis.

Lee Shelton said...

Thanks, Mike. I'll link to your response in the next "This Week" post.

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