Friday, March 28, 2014

This Week in Calvinism - March 28, 2014

  • Richard Coords, on the discussion between Austin Fischer and James White: "Austin Fischer is no longer a Calvinist because he ceased the self-deception and honestly dealt with the difficult issue, whereas James White is in complete denial, and demonstrated that, completely."

  • On John Piper's lecture on New Calvinism at Westminster Theological Seminary, Dale M. Coulter concludes that "the New Calvinism looks a lot like the old New School Presbyterianism with a Baptist and charismatic flair to it."

  • In his second post in a four-part series on the New Calvinism-Old Calvinism discussion, Rick Phillips writes that "Old Calvinists should not be threatened by or feel pressure to conform to the New."

  • It is being reported that Louisiana College President Joe Aguillard has lost the support of the Board of Trustees and has been asked to resign.

  • While Paul Vander Klay has "been generally pleased to see the popular emergence of interest in Calvinism," he fears "that this appropriation of it won't last in the long run, as adherents grapple with the complexities of engagement with our cultural context."

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