Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Insider Movement explains away the gospel

The Insider Movement Paradigm teaches that one can follow Jesus Christ within the confines of one's native culture. An extreme form of IMP has become popular in Muslim countries, where some Christians, fearing persecution, adhere to Islam in public.

David B. Garner discusses the problems with the insider movement and how they affects missions:
The IMP does not present the gospel faithfully and is therefore not faithful missions. We must not pretend, for any reason, that it is. We must not become complicit—theologically, missionally, or financially—in any agreement of the temple of God with idols.

To love Christ is to long to see his redemption purely proclaimed and to see sinners truly claimed. Under the faithful direction of the Head of the Church, the faithful Church will love missions and do missions...faithfully. It will never explain the gospel away, but for the sake of Jesus Christ and his Church, will tirelessly explain the gospel.

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