Friday, August 29, 2014

This Week in Calvinism - August 29, 2014

  • Dr. Ralph "Yankee" Arnold begins his "sermon" by asking, "Can a man be forced by God to accept Christ as savior against his will and call that grace?" I personally don't know anyone who has complained about being raised from death to eternal life against his will, so I wouldn't know.

  • Though not a Calvinist, Kevin Daugherty appreciates what Calvinism has to offer.

  • How single-handed is God's grace? For Matt Smethurst, it's a debate worth having.

  • Austin Fischer and Brian Zahnd debated Daniel Montgomery and Timothy P. Jones on Calvinism Wednesday night. I didn't see it, but I would appreciate it if anyone has a link to the audio or video.

  • Mark Driscoll steps down as pastor of Mars Hill Church.

  • David Platt takes office as president of the SBC International Mission Board.

  • Are you worthy of Jesus?


Anonymous said...

There is not one single piece of historical evidence to prove that Jesus ever existed. Not one single scholar or historian from the first century AD mentioned even a single word about Jesus. That's pretty strange, considering that Jesus was supposed to have been some big public figure, going around raising the dead, performing miracles, with thousands of followers. Very odd indeed that not one single scholar or historian from that time period mentioned even a single word about Jesus.


Lee Shelton said...

So, by your reasoning, almost no one ever existed. Don't expect to be taken seriously with nonsense like this.

THEOparadox said...

Um ... Josephus?

Oh, and then there were Matthew, Mark, Luke, John .... etc.

I guess in a postmodern world any claim is admissible, regardless of the facts.

THEOparadox said...

Here is a link to video of the first part of the debate:

Lee Shelton said...


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