Thursday, September 11, 2014

When speaking to Middle Eastern Christians, try not to force Israel down their throats

That's a lesson one politician learned the hard way:
Sen. Ted Cruz was booed offstage at a conference for Middle Eastern Christians Wednesday night after saying that "Christians have no greater ally than Israel."

Cruz, the keynote speaker at the sold-out D.C. dinner gala for the recently-founded non-profit In Defense of Christians, began by saying that "tonight, we are all united in defense of Christians. Tonight, we are all united in defense of Jews. Tonight, we are all united in defense of people of good faith, who are standing together against those who would persecute and murder those who dare disagree with their religious teachings."
He didn't stop there, of course:
"Those who hate Israel hate America," he continued, as the boos and calls for him to leave the stage got louder. "Those who hate Jews hate Christians. If those in this room will not recognize that, then my heart weeps. If you hate the Jewish people you are not reflecting the teachings of Christ. And the very same people who persecute and murder Christians right now, who crucify Christians, who behead children, are the very same people who target Jews for their faith, for the same reason."

The cries of "stop it, stop it, enough," and booing continued. "Out, out, leave the stage!" At this point IDC's president, Toufic Baaklini, came out to the stage to ask for the crowd to listen to Cruz, but Cruz had already had enough.

"If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews," he said. "Then I will not stand with you. Good night, and God bless." And with that, he walked off the stage.
So, disagreeing with Israeli military action and foreign policy amounts to hating the Jews? Way to stay classy, Ted.


Ken Abbott said...

Brother Lee, might there not be something more going on than just opposition to Israeli military actions and foreign policy?

Lee Shelton said...

I just don't see how the "In Defense of Christians" conference is an appropriate venue for promoting the pro-Israel policy of the U.S. American politicians are hardly qualified to lecture those who actually live over there. Had we not invaded Iraq and intervened in places like Syria and Libya, ISIS and other violent Islamic groups would have been more contained.

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