Friday, January 09, 2015

This Week in Calvinism - January 9, 2015

  • The Classics in Religion Reading Group in Kingston, New York, began a series titled "Calvin vs. Wesley." The weekly discussions continue to the end of the month.

  • is a site that allows students to help each other with their homework. Of course, seeing things like this makes me wonder if it's really all that helpful:
    A key belief of Calvinism in the 1500s was that human beings are born free from all sins. children should not attend religious services. only priests and popes should interpret the Bible. some people are picked before birth for salvation.

  • A young man who grew to hate "the god of Calvinism" read Roger Olson's book Against Calvinism, and wrote to thank him for "providing a thick alternative and for hopefully starting a trend of good scholarly Arminianism."

  • Jonathan Norman begins responding to the recent post by Leighton Flowers titled "The Five Points That Led Me Out of Calvinism."

  • Check out a new feature from Desiring God called "Sermon of the Day."

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