Friday, May 22, 2015

This Week in Calvinism - May 22, 2015

  • It seems we Calvinists follow a God who is "false, capricious, and arbitrary." So says Tim Alleman, a guy who sounds like he has never spoken to a Calvinist in his life. Please, if someone can make sense of his rambling, let me know.

  • Identifying marks of New Calvinism, according to Gary Gilley at

  • Henry Volk isn't a Calvinist, but he thinks "we can expect more good things from the New Calvinism. God willing, it may even be the savior of American Christianity."

  • Eight features of the best kind of Calvinism.

  • Jesus poured out his joy for you.


Anonymous said...

Calvinism is a cancer; an ideology from hell; a twisting of Scriptures as by Satan himself. It contradicts and lies it way through God's Word, and it is making a very sick comeback in the church. Run, people, run, from this disgusting rubbish called Calvinism.

Alexis Hammond, JHB

Lee Shelton said...

Thanks for your gracious comments. Can't argue with that kind of sound, biblical reasoning.

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