Friday, July 10, 2015

This Week in Calvinism - July 10, 2015


Ken Abbott said...

Yeah, a 20-year-old who admires T. F. Torrence and Karl Barth and "kinda" likes N. T. Wright is probably not gonna embrace Dortian Reformed theology.

Quick! Someone get him some Bavinck or Turretin, stat!

Caleb (Nicene Nerd) said...

Hi, I happen to be that 20-year-old who likes Torrance, Barth, and Wright. I just felt like popping in to say that the "closet heresy" referenced in the title of my post isn't meant to be limited atonement itself, but the Nestorianism Torrance suggest underlies it. I'd never call limited atonement a heresy itself, whatever I may think about the Christological implications.

I should also point out that I'm far more sympathetic to classical Calvinism than most people in a similar crew. I had a pretty robust Calvinism before I found discovered Torrance, and I still see benefits to the approach. It's not impossible that I could go back, but without limited atonement, which I simply don't think I could ever be Biblically convinced of again, I doubt I'd be too likely to go Amyraldian or anything.

Caleb (Nicene Nerd) said...

And I still love Calvin. Because he's one of the most brilliant theologians ever.

Caleb Smith said...

For what it's worth, five years later and someone did in fact get me some Bavinck, and Ursinus, and many others. I have since repented in dust and ashes.

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