Friday, September 11, 2015

This Week in Calvinism - September 11, 2015

  • Get Spurgeon's All of Grace and the expanded edition of Revival Year Sermons in ebook form, free from Monergism.

  • Unconditional election means you can't try out for God's team. Thankfully, God's choice isn't based on our performance or skill.

  • Kyle Roberts wrties, "The 'Calvinist Trap' is this: When it comes to every single instance of human suffering, tragedy, trauma, and evil, the Calvinist—to be consistent—must affirm that God is always actively and causally involved." He continues: "Attributing every single event of history to active, intentional, divine causation makes it nearly impossible (if not entirely) to separate evil from good, God from the devil, or even right from wrong." Sounds like someone has bee reading Roger Olson.

  • Celia M. Hastings doesn't like "beginning any theology with 'total depravity' or 'worm theology.' Theology should begin where Scripture begins—with a vast, wise and wonderful creation in perfect ecological and spiritual balance." Yes. A vast, wise and wonderful creation that was corrupted by sin and is now in need of redemption.

  • Friday means more free stuff, courtesy of Tim Challies.

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