Friday, March 04, 2016

This Week in Calvinism - March 4, 2016

  • Director Robert Eggers discusses his horror film The Witch: "The real world and the fairytale world were the same thing in the early modern period. That's really the most shocking thing: to understand the mindset in 17th century English Puritan Calvinism."

  • Steven Anderson once again rants against Calvinism. Did you know the word "sovereign" doesn't appear in the Bible? Well, at least not in the one "true" Bible, the KJV.

  • Jimmy Needham discusses how the doctrine of election saved him from depression.

  • R. C. Sproul asks, "Is your Jesus too small?"

  • Roger Olson believes in free will, but, "One thing all Christian agree about is that true freedom, the freedom of obedience and conformity to the image of Christ, is a gift of God’s grace that will only be complete in our heavenly glorification."

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