Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Grace and Justice

R.C. Sproul, Jr., shares with us a beautiful, heart-warming adoption story on his "squiblog":
    ... We began the process of adoption a month or two after Denise's final surgery. We attended classes, filled out mountains of paper work, made countless phone calls to various agencies. We mentioned our hopes and plans to our families, congregation and a few close friends, and together we all prayed, and waited.

    A few months ago I received an unexpected phone call from my friend and co-laborer Doug Phillips. He began the conversation by telling me that he and his godly wife had recently, after seven healthy children, lost their first to miscarriage. Tears welled in my eyes as I sought to enter into my brother's suffering. That, ultimately, Doug explained, wasn't the reason for his call. He went on to explain that as he, and Beall and his children mourned the loss of their unborn child, that one son, Justice, approached his daddy with his piggy bank. "Daddy," this young hero said, "I've got some money saved up. Could we go down to the orphanage and get Mommy a new baby?" There was no more welling for my tears. By now they had reached the cascade stage. "You have a fine son in Justice, Doug," I told him. "R.C., out of that conversation, the Phillips family has made a decision. We are going to send you a contribution to help pay for your adoption." The cascade became a flood. ...
Grab a handkerchief and click here to read the entire post.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I'm confused. Eyes "welling" to "cascades" to "floods" of tears? Is that a man writing that? Or was that his wife writing that?

I wonder if he cried like that when he got defrocked?

Lee Shelton said...

I know the folks at Little Geneva like to make fun of men who express emotion, but that really wasn't the point of this post.

Anonymous said...

Some musings

I wonder if that comment gave Karen pleasure?

Do we take pleasure in the pain or sin of another?

What does that say of our spiritual life?

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