Monday, October 10, 2005

Pat Robertson: "Prophet" or "Profit"?

Here we go again:
    Robertson: Disasters Point to 2nd Coming

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – This weekend's catastrophic earthquake in South Asia in the wake of recent U.S. hurricanes and December's tsunami is catching the eye of televangelist Pat Robertson, who says we "might be" in the End Times described in the Bible.

    "These things are starting to hit with amazing regularity," Robertson said on CNN's "Late Edition."

    Robertson, a former GOP presidential candidate and host of the "700 Club" daily Christian TV show, noted, "If you read back in the Bible, the letter of the apostle Paul to the church of Thessalonia, he said that in the latter days before the end of the age that the Earth would be caught up in what he called the birth pangs of a new order. And for anybody who knows what it's like to have a wife going into labor, you know how these labor pains begin to hit. I don't have any special word that says this is that, but it could be suspiciously like that."
I think the difference between "prophet" and "profit" has been blurred. This "End Times" lunacy is really getting out of hand.

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