Wednesday, January 24, 2007

10 Rules for Effortless Bible Reading

The following is from a sermon by Mark Gladwell entitled "Profitable Bible Reading":
    10 Rules for Effortless Bible Reading

  1. Always read at night when you're tired.

  2. Open the book at random; your chances of striking a genealogy are pretty good.

  3. Never read more than five verses at a time; you might get the idea of a story.

  4. Tackle the most difficult passages first; they will encourage you to give up more quickly.

  5. Don't have a system; you might know where to start.

  6. Fill your bookshelves with translations; they prove it's too hard to understand.

  7. Never make notes; you might remember something.

  8. Never share what you read with others; speech often brings thoughts into focus.

  9. Never attempt a group Bible study; confusion might disappear.

  10. Whatever you do, never, never become a regular daily reader; it might affect the way you live.

    - Author unknown

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