Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Perseverance of the Saints

(Okay, so the title might be a little misleading. Just indulge me.)

Though they lost the NFC championship,
the Saints have every reason
to feel good about their Chicago trip
and their most illustrious season.

For four decades the team has fought
against great odds and shame.
And for too long, it seems, they've sought
to win just one big game.

So never in our wildest dreams
did we ever think we'd see
the Saints among the best of teams -
number two in the NFC!

No, the Saints won't go marching in.
There'll be no Super Bowl.
But loyal fans have cause to grin:
Their team has found its soul.

Now let this thought quell the urge
to feel down and shed a tear.
Don't groan or sing a mournful dirge,
'cause they're going all the way next year!

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