Friday, May 11, 2007

This Week in Calvinism - May 11, 2007

  • Does Calvinism get you so depressed that you find it hard to get up in the morning? Well, try starting your day with new Arrr-mini-ohs! It's all part of a balanced theological breakfast.

  • Yesterday was the 121st birthday of Karl Barth. He was the main author of the Barmen Declaration in 1934, which was written in opposition to the Nazi-supported "German-Christian" movement.

  • "Islamic Calvinists"?

  • Trevin Wax reviews Richard Mouw's Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport.

  • Nathan White talks about the appeal of Calvinism and the deceitfulness of unbelief.

  • Yet another bizarre link between the modern political climate and Calvinism.
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