Friday, May 25, 2007

This Week in Calvinism - May 25, 2007

  • The Expositor has some great quotes on Calvinism.

  • John Piper on the sufficiency of Christ's obedience in his life and death.

  • Steve Camp talks about Arminian IDLE: Initiated by man, Dependent on free will, Lip service enough, and Evidence not necessary.

  • As is typical of Arminians, this guy believes that while God chose all people, "all have not chosen Him." He says that God elects only those who He knows will believe in Him. And here I thought 1 John 4:19 already answered that theological "chicken or the egg" argument.

  • "Zen-Calvinism"?

  • Michael Bauman comments: "Not all atheists are nihilists; in fact, I suspect that many of them have become atheists to escape the nihilism inherent in the Calvinist approach to God."

  • Calvinist Ben House has some nice things to say about Arminian Jerry Falwell.

  • Triablogue presents a Calvinist case against a Lutheran's case for Catholicism.

  • Rhett Snell thinks that Calvinism is "one of the stupidest doctrines" he's ever come across.

  • Steve Camp again, this time on the Doctrines of Grace. (Maybe Rhett should take a peek at this.)
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