Monday, October 15, 2007

Joel Osteen on 60 Minutes

Joel Osteen was featured on 60 Minutes last night. In an interview with Byron Pitts, he talked about his "ministry" and responded to his critics.

I watched it to see what Michael Horton, Professor of Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California, had to say. You can watch the video here while it's still available.


Anonymous said...

I watched the interview on Sunday night. I like Joel Osteen as a person. I think he sincerely thinks he is preaching when it is really a "feel good" message...all the time. He would be better suited in my opinion to go on the positive speaking circuit and would do very well...he is a tremendously likeable guy. I do not think he is a money grabbing hookster like many of the televangelist we see from the past or present. When it was all said and done I think he should really rethink his theolog and message. He would do good to at least present a clear message to the congregation directly from God's word expositionally. Pastors today can take a lesson from him though...the pulpit needs to preach the entire word of God and not only the parts that beat the congregation down every week...we all need a positive message of God's love for us from time to time from His word not a philosophy lesson. God's word is full of positive messages even in the midst of the trials and tribulations we can find positive messages and not all had to do with someone getting rich. Maybe the Lord will get a hold on Joel down the road and develope him into a fine preacher of God's word instead of a preacher of philosophy and prosperity.


Anonymous said...

Scott, I agree Joel a 'great' guy. Gives very up lifting sermons and makes people feel great. I also agree that he is different, because he doesn't directly ask for money. That's good. But I take exception to your statement about preaching the whole counsel of God- The harsh along with the God loves us stuff. I am a pastor and I do that every sunday as best as I can. Yes God does Love us with a love that cannot be measured, or understood. But with that love comes his wanting us to change. To live different lives. Obedienet lives. And that is what seems to be lacking in osteen's messages and the messages of other name it and claim it preachers. Osteen seems to believe that the person is wonderful perfect and not in need of anything other than a pat on the back and great measure of encouragement. But that is not what humanity needs. It needs a saviour that will take away the guilt and shame of a sin filled life that jesus came to live and die to giver to those he loved. Osteen seems like a person who is making sure all the party favors are in place and the band is playing the right song and everyone is having the best time of their lives, while the sailing ship their now is taking on water and is sinking in the middle of the ocean without any life boats. The people and unbelivablily happy with eveything, right up to the time that the water starts to hit their ankles

lee n. field said...

Peripherally related to the Osteen thing, you should listen to this week's White Horse Inn program, on "Faith and the Gospel".

Michael Horton and the other WHI guys discuss the loss of the gospel in American evangelicalism.

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