Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Reformation Turns 490 Today

In honor of this historic event, Tim Challies invites you to join the "2007 Reformation Day Symposium":
    As I spent time alone with God this morning, my thoughts and prayers turned continually to the word "reform," but with -ing appended to it instead of -ed. I love to claim the title of "Reformed," but today my prayer was that God would continue reforming me. I am a work in progress and pray that God will continue to reform me and to reform the church. Perhaps He will work through some of these great articles that are coming in from the far reaches of the blogosphere as part of this Reformation Day Symposium. Each of these articles was prepared by a different blogger. Each makes a unique contribution. I'd encourage you to read at least a few of them.

    If you have prepared an article you'd like to share, let me know and I will update this list throughout the day.
You can link to those articles at

Oh, and happy Reformation Day!

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