Friday, January 11, 2008

This Week in Calvinism - January 11, 2008

  • From "Jesus in Turkey," an interesting article featured in Christianity Today: "Ucal found that his Muslim neighbors are attracted to systematic approaches to religious instruction, and are also easily touched emotionally. So Ucal began approaching them with an 'emotional Calvinism.'"

  • When asked why he was no longer a Calvinist, Matt replied, "When I was a Calvinist the amount of the Bible I could read kept getting smaller and smaller; Much of the New Testament disagreed with the 5 Points. That and I was leading a horrible life; excused by predestination. What did it matter how I lived if I was one of the elect? Noting I did or did not do could have any effect on what God had determined." Anyone who really understands the doctrines of grace as they are taught in scripture knows that if a man is leading a life of sin with the attitude that he doesn't have to worry about the consequences because he is one of God's elect, then that man is demonstrating that he is lost. Scripture couldn't be more clear. Those who are truly saved will bear the fruit of that salvation (Matthew 13:1-23, Galatians 5:16-24, Philippians 1:6).

  • One blogger's feelings on Calvinism. If you are seeking to get a better grasp on the subject, is a great place to start.

  • Some consider Calvinism to be an end times apostasy.

  • Guy Arthur Thomas argues against the Calvinist doctrine of perseverance of the saints. He thinks the parable of the sower proves that some people who believe the gospel will fall away. Well, in one sense, that's true. Even the devil believes the gospel. But belief apart from repentance isn't true belief, and, as I pointed out earlier, true believers will bear fruit.

    Malachi_Abaddon said...

    How do you find this stuff?

    Lee Shelton said...

    I just search for recent blog posts or articles that deal with Calvinism in one way or another.

    John Lofton, Recovering Republican said...

    Calvinist site: Visit us, please.

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