Friday, October 10, 2008

This Week in Calvinism - October 10, 2008

This week in Calvinism...
  • Calvin on government.

  • "Inks75" stops to smell the TULIPs.

  • Mike Ratliff cautions, "What each of us should do who are Calvinists is examine ourselves to see if we are leaning too far towards the hyper side of Reformed theology. We must never forget that God created a system of salvation based on His Sovereignty while Man is still responsible to repent and believe. We are under orders to make disciples from all nations. We elect no one. That is God's purview not ours. Just as we deny that people are saved through 'decisional regeneration' we also deny that people are saved through 'doctrinal regeneration.'"

  • Rick Long is Reformed, but not a Calvinist.

  • What Aaron O'Harra learned at the Desiring God National Conference: "In the end, God will not be impressed that I talked with Bob Kauflin, or shook the hand of Mark Driscoll, or saved a seat for Paul Tripp, or that I know John Piper. The only thing God will care about is 'Did you talk with the poor? Did you shake the hand of the leper? Did you save a seat for the lame? And most of all, did you know my son?'"

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