Friday, October 03, 2008

This Week in Calvinistm - October 3, 2008

Here's a glimpse at what's happening this week in Calvinism:
  • From Desiring God Ministries: "For those who use Accordance Bible Software already, The John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library integrates seamlessly into your existing library and functions as a roughly 5,000 page commentary."

  • Grace is resistible...until it's not.

  • Tim Challies on Calvinism and evangelism.

  • Calvinists often make the worst Calvinists.

  • Martin Downes on podcast spirituality: "What is this doing to local churches? Will this lead to an audio hierarchy where the best internet preachers are really the most influential figures in local churches? Is that healthy? Are we already there?"

  • Calvinism in the 21st century.

  • While this doesn't have anything to do with Calvinism, I found Tuesday's featured Wikipedia article on Tulip Mania interesting.

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