Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Evolutionist's Unshakable Faith

It appears another nail has been hammered into creationism's coffin. Scientists have discovered the "missing link" -- well, one of about a million missing links, anyway. According to paleontologist Jorn Hurum, this (supposedly) 47-million-year-old lemur-like fossil "is the first link to all humans, the closest thing we can get to a direct ancestor."

That's right, folks. After all their painstaking research, this... the closest they've come to proving that apes and humans have a common ancestry.

But we Christians are the ones accused of having a blind faith -- a faith that is rooted in nothing more than warm, fuzzy feelings and wishful thinking. And when we try to defend our belief in a Creator, we're laughed at for ignoring the clear evidence that everything spontaneously emerged from nothing, and that all life evolved from inorganic matter.

Oh, if only our faith was as unshakable as the evolutionist's.


Anonymous said...

You've completely humiliated yourself in virtue of so proudly displaying here your ignorance about evolutionary biology and paleontology.

From this caracature, you clearly have no idea what you are critiquing.

As a result, you have simultaneously shamed both science and Christianity.

hymns that preach said...

Wow! Looks just like my great grandma.

By the way, its cute how your critic is so proud of his comment that he (she, it, or whatever) posts his potshots anonymously.

Stephen Cochrane said...

I thought this was a good article from Answers in Genesis regarding the supposed missing link.

Unknown said...

who's said that christians blind faith ?

everybody have faith in their heart although to the stones.

The Blainemonster said...

How many times has a fossil discover been touted as a "missing link?" This is just grasping at straws - only there aren't any straws! So often vigorous evolutionists claim that Creationists deny science and so-called "facts." THAT is certainly a caricature that is misleading and untrue.

I recommend this book: In Six Days...and I quote from the book here: High Nonsense

Stephen Cochrane said...

Here's another good one.

Jacolyte said...
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Jacolyte said...

Perhaps you misunderstood the statements that were made.

This is not the closest specie to humans, it's the closest first link to our direct ancestor (ancestors are not the same as transitional species! HUGE difference.)

If you would like to see all the fossils found between Ida and humans (transitional fossils), see these links:

List of human evolution fossils


Fossil Hominids -
The Evidence for Human Evolution

Pay special attention to this one: Australopithecus afarensis. Notice the upright walking and the flattened feet, yet the big toe still looks very thumb-like, which is a transitional period of a foot with an opposable thumb to a foot without an opposable thumb.

Google certainly is nice for fact-checkin'.

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