Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Putting Sermons into Proper Perspective

Whenever you hear someone preach, ask yourself this question: Why did Christ need to suffer and die on a cross in order for this sermon to make sense? And pastors, it wouldn't hurt for you to ask yourselves the same question.

(As heard on the White Horse Inn, 11/22/09.)


Unknown said...

Maybe I'm too dense, but I really don't get this question. What exactly is it asking?

Lee Shelton said...

In other words, is the message rooted in the cross?

Titus said...

This is a great quote!

Jason P. Franklin said...

I agree with the other Jason. Excellent quote. Man, I haven't listened to White Horse in about a month.

My preaching took a major change when I started asking myself that question. My uncle, a retired pastor, visited us one weekend and sat in our church. He and my aunt lamented that in the three months they'd been visiting churches, ours was the first where sin, hell and salvation via Christ's sacrifice on the cross were mentioned. That makes me sad.

Carol Noren Johnson said...

Preaching is a mystery according to the ending verses of Romans. 1 Cor. 15:14 points out that if Christ weren't risen our faith would be useless.

When pastors only preach a social gospel, or self-esteem, they are missing the whole point and their preaching is just inspirational pop culture.

Charles e. Whisnant said...

While its true I am on Romans 1:16 this Sunday and its about the gospel, yet not every sermon Paul preached was about the Gospel. Not every Sermon I preach is about salvation or the cross. To put into the text what is not there is not teaching the text as it should be read.

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