Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sending the Wrong Message

Even at first glance one should see just how dangerous this kind of theology is.

Uniting Christ with the state? No thanks.


Eric said...

Thia video is frightening. When church and state come together, it is always the church that suffers.

As we know, there is absolutely no scriptural mandate or even suggestion that church and state come together. I can't figure out where people get these crazy ideas. This poor painter certainly has good intentions, but nonetheless he has wasted much time on what amounts to a very bad idea.

Chip Bayer said...

The church in America has long confused God's covenant people (the church) with a modern nation-state (the United States). It is something that has gotten worse over the years — so bad, in fact, that I'm afraid many Christians have fallen into idolatry. Too many believers equate the will of the U.S. (or the military, or the president or veterans) with the will of God and it is terrible.

I continue to pray that God will awaken His people to the truth of the matter. As Christians we have more in common with our brethren in China, Africa, Peru and Asia than we do with many of our neighbors. In the former case we share a bond of brotherhood as adopted sons and daughters of the Creator. As God's elect we are a people set apart from the rest of the world. In the latter case we just happen to occupy the same geographical region and share a common cultural experience.

We need to remember that when Christ comes again He will be coming for the elect. He will be coming for His church — NOT Americans.

P.D. Nelson said...

The artist who made this is a member of the LDS cult. Their theology is wrong from the get-go so it isn't surprising that he is mixing Church and State.

Chip Bayer said...


Agreed. That a member of a cult would have their theology so horribly mixed up is not surprising. Unfortunately, a great many people in actual Christian churches share this horrendous view of America somehow representing God's covenant people on earth.

It is heart breaking.

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