Friday, December 11, 2009

This Week in Calvinism - December 11, 2009

  • When you try to make the argument that "EVERY person is elected in Christ," you are left grasping at straws when trying to explain why not everyone is saved. Saying that election is conditional on faith makes no sense unless you believe that faith precedes election, which is in fact impossible.

  • Hank is already up to part 15 of his five-part response to the objections to Calvinism.

  • Where'd all these Calvinists come from?

  • Now I've heard everything: "Calvinism effectively denies God the right to endow His creation (man) with the freedom of choice. Thereby Calvinism itself is denying God a sovereign right to act as HE may desire."

  • John Piper explains why Christian parents should require their unregenerate children to act like they're good.

  • Don't waste your Calvinism!

  • John Mark Reynolds breaks down the biblical writers into their respective theological camps and/or denominations. Funny stuff!


The Seeking Disciple said...

Hey Lee I am offended that I didn't make your list this week! :)

Anonymous said...

"John Piper explains why Christian parents should require their unregenerate children to act like they're good."

That sentence is perhaps the most demonic thing I've ever read. Can you imagine what a freak you'd turn out to be if your parents picked you out as unregenerate? You Calvinists are sick in the head. Thank God you'll burn in hell where you belong one day.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I submit my post Do the the "non-elect" hate Him because He first hated them? for consideration, even though its a really old post. No Calvinist devil-worshiper has been able to answer it yet.

Lee Shelton said...

So, Beowulf, are you saying that children are born regenerate? There was never a time in your life when you were unregenerate? Perhaps you should actually try reading the article before spewing foolish remarks.

Onesimus said...

Now I've heard everything: "Calvinism effectively denies God the right to endow His creation (man) with the freedom of choice. Thereby Calvinism itself is denying God a sovereign right to act as HE may desire."

That is EXACTLY the case.

Why else do Calvinists object so much to the idea that God had the sovereign right to give mankind freedom of choice?

What is it about the idea of God wanting WILLING followers that you find objectionabel?

Oh yes - it would deny Calvinists of that elitist knowledge that they were personally chosen by God. That they were personally plucked out of the billions that were equally UNCONDITIONALLY chosen to burn in hell for eternity.

And BTW I did not see beowulf saying anything about people being born regenerate. He was merely pointing out the abomination of someone who assumes he is elect, assuming that his children were not elect.

And are you who considers himself to have been elected for salvation before the creation saying you weren't elect prior to your own recognition of your elect status?

Are you saying that the "elect" can be unregenerate at any stage of their lives when their destiny had already been unconditionally determined prior to the existence of man?

Lee Shelton said...

"Elect" and "regenerate" are not the same thing. Perhaps this post may help.

Onesimus said...

So there is some kind of limbo state durng which the unregenerate elect can sin to their hearts content without any accountability. Because one day, they will be regenerated against their will and afterwards their sin doesn't matter any more.

By the way, thank you for including a link to my blog. Those who have not been fully deceived by the error of Calvinism might be helped to have their eyes opened before it is too late.

Lee Shelton said...

You ignorance of Calvinism is staggering. You might want to spend some time brushing up on what we actually believe.

Onesimus said...

My ignorance of Calvinism?

If only you yourself would consider what Calvinists believe against the light of scripture instead of considering scripture according to the filth of your Calvinist teachers.

I know exactly what Calvinists believe. I have spent far too much of the last few years wading through its doctrines and having them shoved down my throat.

I know enough to know their origin is from the father of lies himself. I know enough to recognise that they malign God's Holy name and character.

Do you believe that God personal chose you for salvation? That you were chosen before anything was created? That were chosen unconditionally?
Then you should also recognise that God unconditionally elected billions to burn in hell. That their destiny was NOT a result of their sin - because the decision resulting in their condemnation was made before any man existed and therefore before any man had sinned.
They were condemned to hell because God wanted to condemn them - in fact HE created them for the sole purpose of torturing them for eternity and predestined their sin in an attempt to shift the blame from himself.

Wake up to the truth and abandon the demonic god who has seduced you. Turn to the one true God who gave His Son as a ransom for ALL so that WHOEVER believes will not perish but will have everlasting life.

Turn to the God who desires ALL to come to repentance and be saved.

There is hope for you. Put your trust in JESUS and not in the prideful Calvinist myth of unconditional election. How smug you must be to consider yourself so favoured of God that he would choose you for salvation and not for eternal damnation.

And if I WAS ignorant of Calvinism - that would be a blessing. It is a shame that YOU are not ignorant of Calvinism. It is a shame that you are not wise to His Word and His ways instead of being wise to the theological lies of man.

Heavenly Father, in the name I Jesus I ask that you would extend your mercy to those who have been blinded by the false doctrines of Calvinism. I ask you would forgive them for following teachings that malign your Holy name and character. Seek their hearts and see their innermost desires. If those desires are truly to serve you then please crush the hardness that their theology is causing and allow that desire to come forth. Allow that desire to be satisfied. Open your word to them, breaking through the misunderstanding that has been caused by men's manipulation of PARTS of your word. Please Lord, open their hearts to YOUR revelation of Yourself and your ways. Reveal to them your true purposes.

thank you my Heavenly Father.

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