Friday, September 02, 2011

An Arminian View of the Raising of Lazarus

Here's one pastor who, in a sermon against Calvinism, takes a decidedly Arminian approach to John 11:

In short, dead men can respond to Christ.


Anonymous said...

Bob Coy does not represent the Arminian view, period. And let me put another couple "periods" after that : )

Lee Shelton said...

Glad to hear. :)

Robert Warren said...

Mr. Burch:

According to Pastor Coy, it's Arminianist. But you'll be relieved to know that he says he's not one.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused alright!

Anonymous said...


Lol ... duly noted : )

THEOparadox said...

That's great, he describes the Effectual Call in an attempt to discredit Calvinism. How very ironic.

Reminds me of another mega church pastor in Florida who actually tried to explain election by saying: "God chose everyone . . . but some of us were smart enough to choose Him back!"

No kidding, he really said that! I saw the sermon on video. Almost fell out of my chair.

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