Friday, September 16, 2011

This Week in Calvinism - September 16, 2011

  • Want a "good understanding of Calvinism"? Don't bother reading books by actual Calvinists. Instead, read those books written specifically as arguments against Calvinism. Why risk exposing yourself to the truth about what we believe?

  • Those who caricature the "God of Calvinism" as an angry, vengeful monster fail to understand that wrath is love's response to sin.

  • The six major sins straw men of Calvinism.

  • Randal Rauser says the "God hated Esau" passage in Romans 9:13 is of no use to the Calvinist. But isn't Romans 9 dealing with the subject of God's sovereign choice? No matter how one may want to interpret the word "hated," the point is that one was chosen and one was not, both to the glory of God and for his purposes.


Eddie Eddings said...

One thing for sure...your links in this feature effect me emotionally. I've got to pray more...or pray BEFORE I click on some of the links.

(sigh) How can we rid the world of straw men?

Lee Shelton said...

Someone should write a book.

THEOparadox said...

I wrote a 2-part response to Randal Rauser's arguments about Esau, and I didn't even mention the most obvious of the problems: he thinks that (in Calvinism) God's hatred of the reprobate is only and entirely unconditioned. His argument boils down to the idea that a person can't be reprobate if he sins and God judges him in response - because that means the hatred was conditional. Huh? That's not a straw man, it's a straw Behemoth! He needs to read more Reformed books before embarrassing himself further.

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