Friday, October 14, 2011

This Week in Calvinism - October 14, 2011

  • More arrogant words from Roger Olson:
    It seems to me that most 5 point Calvinists I know seem bound and determined to believe anything they think the Bible says regardless of how horrific that may be. In other words, IF they became convinced that somehow they had been overlooking something in Scripture (as they think I do) and, in fact, God and the devil are actually the same being such that God is evil, they would believe it because the Bible says it. I, on the other hand, presuppose that God cannot be evil; that goodness and being belong inextricably together or else there is no ground for basic trust.
    Really, Dr. Olson? You're sticking with the "I'm not sure how to distinguish [the God of Calvinism] from the devil" routine? It's getting a little old.

  • Who's to blame for the rise of usury banking and the inherent greed in capitalism? Why, John Calvin, of course.

  • According to Ed Silva, Calvinism is an "even more sadistic teaching" than the doctrine of Hell, which makes the Calvinist God "far more unjust and cruel than the gods of all other world religions."

  • It seems students at Pensacola Christian College are warned not to speak of Calvinism to one another.

  • Can you lose your salvation? Mark Driscoll and Greg Boyd discuss.


Jeff Peterson said...

Sitting here in the wilderness reading Dr. Olson's comments, shaking my head.....

It's nice he presupposes God cannot be evil, but one wishes he would grant that your typical Calvinist would affirm as well that God cannot do evil (and in fact IS NOT evil) - and would use that pesky ol' Scripture to come to that conclusion instead of having to presuppose such.

What else does he presuppose? It would be interesting to find out what else he presupposes - instead of allowing the Scripture to speak for itself.

Anonymous said...

I went to PCC for three years and I know there were Calvinists there. I also heard that one teacher affirmed Calvinism and I believe he is no longer at the school.

Tawser said...

I'm not sure why people like Dr. Olson bother with Scripture at all, since if they find anything there offensive to their own preconceptions, they reject it out of hand. Seems like it would be a lot simpler for him to make up his own religion. He seems pretty sure he already knows what is good and evil. So what is the point of a revelation?

Robert Warren said...

are PCC's closet Calvinists, cleverly disguised

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