Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Man fired for not accepting the "mark of the beast"

Well...sort of.

Billy E. Hyatt was recently fired from his job at a plastics factory near Dalton, Georgia. He claims it was because he refused to wear a sticker celebrating the factory being accident-free for 666 days.

It isn't clear whether management required the sticker to be worn on the forehead or on the hand, but Hyatt, a devout Christian (and apparently a devout dispensationalist), didn't want to take any chances. He believed that wearing the sticker would have been accepting the "mark of the beast" described in the book of Revelation, condemning him to hell.

Without getting into the serious implications of dispensational theology (though I think we're seeing one of them here), all of this hassle could have been avoided had Mr. Hyatt simply dropped a hammer on his toe. That would have bought him at least another 665 days.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the man is aware that he cannot lose his salvation. Nonetheless, may the Lord grant him another job soon especially in this sluggish economy.

Robert Warren said...

I wonder if the man is aware that he cannot lose his salvation.

You sure can't. Unless of course, you allow that there Motorola chip
to be put under your skin ;)

Reformedsteve said...

Would you have this man sin against his conscience? Who are you to judge this brother? He's proven he's willing to lose a job Christ. How many times have we placed our lamp under a basket because, "oh no, I might get fired."

Lee Shelton said...

No, I wouldn't have this man sin against his conscience. But what's sad is that he seems to be following the teachings of Tim Lahaye more than Christ.

Reformedsteve said...

Well Mr. Shelton, Tim Lahaye does have very convincing graphs; (yes, I was joking).

On a side note, thank you for doing this blog. I hit it once a week and always find something interesting to read.

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