Friday, November 11, 2011

This Week in Calvinism - November 11, 2011

  • For those wondering why Roger Olson didn't mention J. I. Packer in his book Against Calvinism, don't worry. He's against him, too.

  • Speaking of Roger "I can't distinguish the God of Calvinism from the devil" Olson, James White reviews Against Calvinism (part 1, part 2). It ain't pretty.

  • One pastor's biggest fear about members of his congregation reading The Purpose Driven Life: that they might "become caught up in the Calvinism that undergirds the book's assumptions."

  • The tragic hypocrisy of joyless Calvinism.

1 comment:

Eddie Eddings said...

I love "This Week in Calvinism", but sometimes what I read makes me want to scream. The pastor who looks like Archie Bunker and his take on the Purpose-Driven life...and Olsen, his comments on comments make me want to read Jimmy Olsen instead.
I need your weekly dose of what's-going-on, it drives me to prayer.

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