Friday, January 25, 2013

This Week in Calvinism - January 25, 2013

  • I was a teenage Calvinist. Hmmmm. That sounds like a good title for an Arminian horror movie.

  • Why debate Calvinism?

  • Mark Driscoll tweeted the following before Barack Obama's inauguration: "Praying for our president, who today will place his hand on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know."

  • Christian Piatt didn't like Driscoll's judgmental tweet.

  • Neither did "Rev." Emily C. Heath, who writes, "President Obama is a Christian, by both his own attestation and the witness of many others who know him. He prays. He reads Scripture. And I sincerely believe he tries to act out of his faith beliefs. And yet, there are so many Christians who refuse to take him at his word." She seems to think it doesn't matter what kind of fruit you bear as long as you say you're a Christian. I'd suggest reading Luke 6:43-45 for starters.

  • Got an hour to kill? You might want to check out Beyond Augustine, a documentary asserting that the "historically heretical" doctrine of the natural inability of man originated in Gnosticism: "It doesn't take much to connect the historical dots to see the evident fact that Augustine brought Manichean views into the church, and these Manichean views were further propagated by Luther, Calvin, and other Reformers."

  • John Piper explains what he means when he says, "Safety is a myth."


Lana said...

haha! I like your humor. : ) (oh, and I like the banner too.) Well, you know I did eventually leave Calvinism, but it wasn't until my mid 20s. :)

Have a good day, defending Cavinism. And tell Hobbs I said Hi!

Robert Warren said...

"President Obama is a Christian, by both his own attestation and the witness of many others..."

And I'm a Whirling Dervish who doesn't believe in whirling...or dervishing.

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