Friday, April 12, 2013

This Week in Calvinism - April 12, 2013

  • T. E. Hanna explains why he rejects Calvinism in favor of God's sovereignty. In the process he reveals the problem with synergism, that salvation ultimately hinges on our choice:
    God is sacrificial. He is love. He empties Himself upon the cross, and restrains Himself in preservation of our free choice. In the end, we enter that city only because He has made the way possible, and because we have chosen to walk through it.
    In other words, Christ's sacrifice didn't secure salvation for anyone; it only made salvation possible.

  • Kristen, thinking along the same lines, explains why she is not a Calvinist:
    If humans are incapable of resisting His saving grace, then He is responsible for not saving them all, since it's completely within His power to do so, and no one else has any say in the matter. It's not a matter of what we humans deserve so much as a matter of impartiality in justice, and completeness in mercy. I can't believe that God exercises partiality in justice and limited mercy. ... I think we can't come to God unless He draws us-- but when He draws us, we can choose to come towards Him, or resist and insist we don't want God. Simple as that.

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  • Calvinists may look like normal people, but what are they hiding?

  • Miss Phil Johnson? Don't worry. Team Pyro features classic posts from Phil every Friday.

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Eddie Eddings said...

Always a pleasure to click on and discover what you have posted in "This Week in Calvinism". Even more, to find one of my own cartoons honored. Thanks and keep up the research from which we all benefit.

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